Depending on the size of your company, you may be required to provide health coverage to your employees. We know how expensive providing insurance can be because we pay for it too! Monster HR can help you design a plan you can afford that will help to not only retain good employees but attract them as well. Or maybe you just aren’t ready to offer benefits yet. That’s ok. We will let you know what your requirements are and when it’s time to meet them, we’ll be here to guide you. We can offer you every discount that we can, including unprecedented customer service that includes claim administration and resolution. We even come on-site if requested to perform your open enrollment meetings. If that’s not convenient, then our technology allows your employees to enroll or make changes electronically with oversight, of course, by our Benefits team.


Our Benefit Manager believes that your employees' health is too important to get wrong, so the job doesn’t end at open enrollment. Throughout the benefit year there will be changes, new hires, and terminations that need to be tracked, processed, and audited to make sure that you are charged appropriately, and your employees can rest easy knowing that their coverage is running smoothly. Our Benefits team also takes charge of your invoices. They are audited and approved by our team prior to sending to your accounting team for payment. All credits and changes are tracked by our team to ensure that each account is accurate. We fill the gap between the broker and the carrier, and we also deal directly with the employee if they are experiencing an issue with their coverage.

Thank you for always being so responsive whenever we request any type of reporting. We really appreciate the accuracy with our payroll & benefits and your willingness to tailor everything to our needs. In addition, we know we can always rely on your professional knowledge and guidance whenever we have staffing concerns & questions. It’s a pleasure to work with your entire team!

Caron, Controller Real Estate