About Covid Support

Who would have ever imagined we'd be living in daily fear of a very dangerous virus? That we would need masks to protect ourselves whenever in public, that we would need a vaccine to give us a fighting chance to withstand it? And that we would relive the fear every time the virus mutates into a new strain? It's like living in a science fiction movie every day. It's scary and it sucks, but here we are, living it for real.


Covid Compliance

If the personal fear wasn't enough, let's add on the responsibilities that employers have for keeping their employees and workplace compliant with the myriad of rules from different agencies surrounding Covid and the fines for not following them! The rules differ from county to county, to different types of industries, to Public vs. Private entities and to the number employee of employees you have. I understand the need for prevention protocol requirements but honestly I don't understand all the differing rules because trust me, this virus doesn't care if you work for a company with 10 employees or 1000 employees, it does not discriminate if you are a food worker or sitting at your desk every day but it's not our job to figure out how our government decides who should follow which rules. Monster HR's job is to make sure you understand which rules to follow so you are not fined or closed down. We have become experts over the last two years at deciphering the different agency information and which rules apply to our individual clients.

Covid Administration

We manage your Covid cases, we will set you up with all the legally required tracking, notices and investigations that are required to meet the prevention rules. We will let you know when your infected workers can return safely to the workplace and if they exposed anyone else that would need to quarantine as well. And as you may have noticed, these rules change often. In fact, one of the larger issues of mandating vaccines for employers with 100 or more employees was scheduled to happen January 4th but was challenged by the 5th Circuit Court as being unconstitutional. A lotto actually took place to determine which court would hear all of the claims filed against this action. It was the 6th Court that won the lotto and will be responsible for making the decision whether this proposed law will be passed. So we wait. We are also waiting to hear if the exclusion pay under Cal Osha will expire or be extended on January 14th. Our guess is it will be extended and that employers will continue to have to pay employees who are excluded from the workplace due to an exposure by another bringing the virus into work. There is a lot of bureaucracy and politics wrapped up around this medical issue so we work closely with our attorney to stay abreast of all laws pertaining to Covid and we will do our best to keep you compliant. Give us a ring if you have any questions.