About Our Payroll

Payroll can be a nightmare or a piece of cake depending on who you have processing it. But it is definitely one of the most crucial departments for ensuring your employees are happy. Wanna see an angry employee? Just mess with their pay and you will see a side of their personality you’ve never seen before. We all work for a living, and we all have to pay our bills so when it comes to Payroll, you need to be confident in the person who is processing. Monster only employs Certified Payroll Professionals, CPP which is their credentials you see behind their names. Having that professional designation means that they have passed the test and understand payroll laws in CA. California is the strictest state when it comes to employee wage and hour rules.


If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere! And you thought it was New York lol. If you don’t have someone processing your payroll according to the laws, you could be headed for a disaster. That’s not to scare you but rather to make you aware of all the landmines out there that small and midsize employers just don’t know about until it’s too late. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! No payroll leaves our office until it has been audited by the Payroll Manager, and your Account Manager. If there are any issues, they will contact you to resolve their questions before the payroll is released. There are so many areas of payroll to audit including regular rate, overtime, double time, minimum wage, tips, tip credits, benefit deductions, garnishments, and paid time off balances just to mention a few. How are you expected to know these laws without making this your career? Well lucky for you, we did make it our careers. Our payroll team loves numbers and systems. They process payroll daily for a number of clients, they audit every step of the way to ensure your workforce is paid on time and accurately. They work closely with your Account Manager who should know every nook and cranny about your company and its policies. We receive a lot of questions about payroll from current and potential clients. Below are the most popular. If you are dealing with any of this, just give us a call and we will be happy to help.


Meal Break Penalty

A lot of smaller companies struggle with this subject so don’t feel bad if you are confused about when to pay a penalty. Labor codes are tricky, but we understand them, interpret them, and make sure that you are in compliance. Labor code 226.7 says that you must pay an additional hour of time at the employees’ regular rate if you failed to provide a meal break. The key words here are “regular rate” and “provide” if you know the law (as we do) these penalties are completely avoidable and surprisingly unpayable. But if you do legitimately own the penalty, you better understand what the “regular rate” entails or you could have a class action suit heading your way.


Paid Time Off Policies

What you decide to offer your employees in the way of time off is not entirely your choice. The State of California has developed its own rules when it comes to Sick time, in fact, some cities within our great state have their own separate rules as well. Keeping up to date with the changes is our job and we won’t let you be caught with your drawers down. Are you compliant with California Healthy Workplaces, Healthy Families Act? Do you understand the complexities of it? For example: Are you on the accrual method or frontload method and do you know the law differences in the two methods for rollover, caps, and limits of use? We can help you decide the best method for your business and make sure you are meeting the requirements to be compliant. Vacation time on the other hand is up to you. You can offer it or not, you can offer it to a certain class of employees and not others. A lot of smaller employers believe that holidays are mandatory. They are NOT! You get to decide what, if any, holidays you want to close for and/or pay your employees for.