About PEO Services

Do you love running your business but not being an employer? Are you a small to midsize company that is not ready or willing to take on all of the intricacies of being an employer such as running payroll, filing payroll taxes, attaining an expensive Worker’s Comp policy, developing the legally required Covid materials, finding a benefit plan that won’t break the bank, or handling your employee relation issues? Monster HR can help. We are honored to be designated as a Professional Employer Organization or PEO. If you are not ready to take on the task of being an employer by yourself, let us help you. In addition to offering our outsourced Human Resource platform, we are also able to offer our PEO platform.

Our PEO platform provides you with comprehensive HR outsourcing through a co-employment arrangement, which means we contractually share some of your employer responsibilities.

We will enter into a joint-employment relationship with you whereby we lease your employees to you, thereby allowing us to share and manage many employee-related responsibilities and liabilities. We will become the legal employer of record allowing us to report the employee wages under our tax ID making us the liable party.

You will benefit from gaining economies of scale by having more benefit options, usually at lower rates. The same goes for WC rates. Since you become a part of a bigger group, we can offer better pricing on Worker’s Comp.

There can be significant advantages to using our PEO platform, especially for a small employer that may not have the desire or breadth of HR expertise or system capabilities for functions such as payroll and HRIS, or the time and resources available to focus on many of the transactional HR functions such as:

Benefits administration.
Recruiting and hiring.
Payroll administration.
Unemployment administration.
Workers' compensation administration.
Compliance assistance.
Drug testing programs.
Family and Medical Leave Act administration.

The PEO relationship isn’t for everyone. The PEO platform has to meet your company goals now and in the future to be effective. Talk to us. We will help you choose the best platform to meet your goals.

It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Kim Stafford, CEO at Monster Human Resources. I thoroughly enjoy my time when talking to Kim about anything or recommendations I might need at any one time. She has become truly valuable and an asset to our company. She is always honest, dependable, and incredibly hardworking. Beyond that, she is an impressive source of HR and Payroll knowledge as is her team.

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