Worker’ Comp administration and monitoring

WC is another area we are asked about a lot. We know how frustrating trying to manage a work comp claim can be for an employer, particularly when you suspect the accident didn’t happen on the job (yes, we see it all the time) or you have a suspicion the employee is not actually hurt but just looking for paid time off (yes, we see it all the time.) Fortunately, our WC team has the experience and knowledge to know how to deal with these issues and get your claim closed quickly or denied. Your ex-modification rate drives your premium. It is Monster HR’s goal to keep your rate as low as possible by maintaining safety in your workplace and monitoring your loss runs closely.


If that includes forklift training, lifting education, safety equipment instruction, developing a safety incentive plan, or creating your IIPP (every employer is required to have this), we’ve got you covered. Monster HR will also create your 300 log every year and make sure it is posted at the legally required time where your team can see it to prevent fines from incurring. WC claim management can be very time consuming, but we will handle it for you. We will handle all the phone calls, assign case managers when we feel it’s necessary to push a claim toward completion, monitor your claim reports for reserve amount changes, and help you shop for coverage if necessary. We will make sure your employees are well cared for and back to work as soon as possible.

Operating in a heavily regulated environment, it is paramount that all vendors we use provide efficient service while also blocking and tackling to mitigate the company’s risk. Moving from one of the largest PEO services in the country to Monster HR was one of the best HR decisions made. The difference in service levels was dramatic. Kim's team is on site regularly for training, safety checks, onboarding, terminations or just to say hi and bring us treats. Working with Monster feels like we have our own internal department. We never received this level of service from the PEO. And the cost benefits of outsourcing our HR and Payroll vs internal hiring is substantial. We have an entire team of certified HR and payroll professionals for what we would pay for one qualified person.

Anthony, CEO Financial Institute